Page Six: Matt Lauer was the Fall Guy

Matt Lauer took some well deserved criticism for the way he handled NBC's Commander In Chief forum that was broadcast on NBC. 

But the New York Post says, Lauer may not be the right guy to blame.

The paper says,  “Matt was hung out to dry on this,” and that NBC News and MSNBC chairman Andrew Lack was the one calling the behind-the-scenes shots. The source said Lack was controlling the interview, including the decision to move Clinton along during certain questions and to linger on the e-mails.

Lauer was so bad, CNBC posted an op-ed on Thursday saying, “Following blistering criticism of [Lauer’s] interviews,” as well as Trump’s previous run-in with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, “the debate format needs to be radically revamped and the first change should be dumping the moderators.” On Wednesday, “South Park” laid into Lauer as a clueless anchor called “Matt” moderating a “commander-in-chief forum” between “Turd Sandwich” and “Giant Douche.”

After Lauer was lambasted, Lack sent a memo to NBC staffers praising the forum. “We were able to bring the two presidential nominees together for the first time and presented an important examination of what each would bring to the role of commander in chief,” he wrote. “My deepest thanks to everyone who helped pull off this remarkable achievement.”

Another TV insider said, “Lauer is used to being untouchable while others take the fall. Now he is getting a taste of his own medicine.” Another source said, “Andy Lack was trying to cover his butt, too. Apparently, he got heat for pushing the e-mail questions.”

An NBC rep said: “Andy is very proud of what Matt and the team accomplished — not to mention the 26 million viewers it attracted.”