Is Sean Hannity Rooting for Hillary Clinton's Death?

There is no doubt that Fox News host Sean Hannity is not a fan of Hillary Clinton. But is Hannity actually hoping that Clinton dies. 

That's what CNN Media Critic Brian Stelter thinks he might be doing. 

Stelter talked to Charlie Rose on his PBS show and said that Hannity and other right wingers maybe be wishing for Clinton's demise. 

Speaking about Hannity and Rush Limbaugh, Stelter said, "Stelter continued, "some of these figures want her to be sick. They want her to be dying. They want her to be on her death bed."

Rush Limbaugh took issue to Stelter's commnets, ""You're specifically alleging, Brian, we want her to be sick. … You really need to research the transcripts of this program," Limbaugh said. 

"I know Sean Hannity, he doesn't want anyone to die. What is this? This is — it's bottom of the barrel stuff,” Limbaugh said.

Hannity also responded, ""How do I get an apology from CNN? he asked. "Should I — I would love to sue them for slander when they say, ‘Oh he wants Hillary on her deathbed and dead,' when I said just the opposite.
“I know it's hard to sue when you're a public figure, pretty much people can call you anything, and I've been called pretty much everything," Hannity said. 

H/T Joe Concha @ The Hill