Radar The Weather Dog has Died

Very sad news out of one Houston newsroom.

KPRC's station mascot and friend to many in the newsroom has died.

Radar the Weather Dog passed away yesterday.   Radar, who first joined news station KPRC in 2004 as a puppy.

Mike Friedrich, assistant news director at KPRC, said the news station made it public in January 2015 that the weather dog was battling cancer. 

"Radar is special to this newsroom. We are heartbroken today," Friedrich said.

The wheaten terrier mixed breed became the focus of a few different stories, including a search for his biological sister. Radar ended up taking a DNA test for the story.

According to his obituary on KPRC, Radar was only supposed to be on air every now and then, but that wasn't the case. He became a mainstay of KPRC's programming after it became apparent he was comfortable in front of the camera and viewers wanted to see more of him. As the news station puts it, he was a "publicity hound."

RIP Rader, FTVLive Rory sends his love.