When Fake News isn't Fake at All

Yesterday, FTVLive told you that Tegna and KUSA Anchor Adele Arakawa accused FTVLive of reporting "fake news".... we didn't and most agree with that. 

Westword dug a bit deeper into the "fake news" claims and also dug a bit deeper into FTVLive. 

A quote from the Westword article reads, "Far from being a "Fake News" purveyor, FTVLive is one of the longest running media-news sites on the Internet — and Jones has legitimate TV news credentials. " 

If you want to read more about FTVLive (and really who doesn't want to do that?) and Tegna's false claim of fake news, the Westword article is well worth the read.....you know....because mainly it talks about me. 

Here's the link.