Layoffs at Tampa's Tegna Station

And speaking a bit more about Tegna....

Sources tell FTVLive that a number of staffers at Tegna owned WTSP in Tampa are being told that their services are no longer needed. 

Word is that some Reporters and Anchors have been told that their contracts are not being renewed. A Producer was also told that they are out the door. 

WTSP has seen their ratings dropped and is now blowing up their newscast and starting over.

Word is that monitors will be taken out of the newsroom. This is so staff can no longer watch the competition. They want the staff to focus on their newscast and not the others. 

News Director Bob Clinkingbeard and news management will hand over editorial content decisions to viewers.....yes viewers. 

The station has posted to their website that they are looking for viewers, who will now be known as "Visionaries" that will decide what is and is not covered.

If you want to be a Visionary, you can do so by going to this link.   

The station is in desperation mode and they are letting good people go and keeping the bosses that got them in this place to begin with. 

You just got to love TV news....