African American Employees File Class Action Suit Against CNN

This morning at 10:30, a press conference will be held to discuss a class action suit that has been filed against CNN and its parent company Time Warner. 

Several African American workers have joined together in a class action lawsuit against CNN, Turner Broadcasting, and its parent company Time Warner.

Attorney Daniel R. Meachum will hold a brief press availability this morning to address legal action filed on his clients’ behalf against the media conglomerate.  
“As a result of the current discrimination lawsuit filed on behalf of DeWayne Walker vs. CNN, Time Warner & Turner, we have uncovered stories involving abuse of power, nepotism, revenge, retaliation and discrimination” says Meachum.
Current and former employees of CNN, Turner Broadcasting and Time Warner support the fact that  the hiring, promotional and disciplinary policies and practices continue to have a disparate impact on African American employees.  

No word if CNN will be covering the presser, but we're going to go out on a limb and say no.