Morning Joe Back Pimping Trump Full Time

At one point during the campaign, MSNBC's Morning Joe hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski had their lips planted squarely on Donald Trump's ass. 

But, then Trump and Morning Joe got in a tiff and the lapdogs went scurrying away. But, like most loyal puppies they came back to their master. 

Now, Joe and Mika could not be more in the hip pocket of Donald Trump and his team. 

The love fest has not been lost on CNN's Chris Cuomo. 

Politico writes that most viewers seemed to agree, knowing the cohosts’ direct pipeline to Trump Tower. Scarborough, in an interview, declared that he and Brzezinski talk several times a week with Trump himself. And last week, Brzezinski traveled to Trump Tower and visited Ivanka Trump for coffee.

"We talk to Trump a few times a week and say the same thing to him on the phone that we say publicly on the show,” Scarborough said. “We're just as blunt in person as we are on TV, whether we happened to be critical on the show that particular day or not.”

Of course, the pair hasn't been very "critical" of Trump at all lately.

The MSNBC show was losing it's audience and had sunk deeper into last they have hooked their wagon to the Trump train and are hoping to ride it out of the ratings cellar.  

The Trump cheerleading has worked. In November, “Morning Joe” led CNN in its time slot in total viewers (806,000 people to CNN’s 715,000).

Scarborough, for his part, vigorously denies that he’s pro-Trump. 

“Mika, Mark Halperin and I understand the resentment from some who were blind to the realities that shaped the 2016 election,” Scarborough said. “I understand why they are embarrassed and striking out at us. I guess we were about the only media figures to both aggressively attack Trump while predicting the possibility of his win. By election week, the media bias became so pronounced that merely suggesting Trump could win got us labeled by out-of-touch analysts as lap dogs. We were right. They were wrong.”

Ummmm OK Joe....keep saying it and soon they might believe you. 

That strategy worked for your master, maybe it will for you as well.