Getting Out of TV News

For the past 5 years, Ed Cross has been Decatur-based WAND state Capitol Reporter, But now he's leaving TV news to make some money. 

Cross is joining Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner's administration as communications director for the Department of Natural Resources.

Croos will be making $55,000 annually, which he said is "significantly more" than he’s been making in TV.

"Growing up in a farm town, out in the sticks, I spent many days on the pond, many days out in the trees, many days chasing rabbits with my dad," Cross said.

Really? Chasing rabbits? 

"I know that it's a shaky time in the state with things going on, but I also know what the Department of Natural Resources means to the state," he said, adding later, "For me, this is a dream job."

H/T Sate Journal Register