Oh How the Irony Cuts Sooooooo Deep.....

Last week, FTVLive posted a link to anyone that wanted to donate to this website and pitch in to buy us a Christmas gift. 

Every year, a number of people send gifts our way and we decided to set up a link in case anyone wanted to give that way instead. 

Our goal was $650 and in one day we got over 4 times that amount. 

FTVLive ordered the new golf bag and a bed for Rory, our VP of cuteness. The rest of the money goes to something very near and dear to our heart. We will donate the money to help homeless pets. 

FTVLive gives money and time to homeless pet organizations all year long. But, the fact that we can give even a bigger contribution in December brings a smile to our face and hopefully helps a few well deserving animals as well. 

Two years ago, we adopted Rory.

Rory was thrown from a moving car and left on the side of the road. He was 4 years old and was not doing well. 

Now, Rory is treated like a king everyday. He goes to breakfast with me each and every morning and the different restaurants we go to make him scrambled eggs and sausage everyday. 

I told Rory when I adopted him, the first four years of your life might have sucked.....but the rest of your life is going to rock. 

People that don't have pets, might not understand. But Rory is my life. That dog has done so much more for me, than I will ever do for him. Without getting into details, Rory literally saved my life. 

Helping animals has become a big part of my life. 

As for those that donated to FTVLive, we can't thank you enough. I have reached out to each and everyone of you personally to say thank you. 

Some (OK two people) thought FTVLive asking for money was "sleazy" and wrong. 

One of those was Mike James, a guy that obsesses of FTVLive like no one that we have ever seen. James runs a website that....get this......you must PAY him to read it. 

He thinks it is "sleazy" for FTVLive to ask for money, yet that is what he does each and everyday.

Oh the irony. 

He says, he'll "just buy our own race car," and that he doesn't need any stinking donations. What he doesn't point out is he gets his money from the people that must PAY to read his content.

And get this, much of his content is lifted from FTVLive....you know.... the FREE site that you, don't pay to read. Also, while James logs onto FTVLive all the time and swipes our content, only a very small percentage of the time does he give us credit. 

His site almost NEVER breaks any stories and solely relies on lifting material from others that actually do the work. And for this we wants you to PAY to read it. 

Oh the irony. 

Earlier this year we caught James in a BOLDFACE lie and made a bet with him. It was his chance to prove us wrong and make thousands of dollars for his race car and hopefully get one that could finish better than 40th place. 

He balked, because he knew that he lied and could not prove otherwise. He never took the bet. 

The other FTVLive critic is a guy named Jeffery Jolton, who most of you have never heard of. He hasn't been in the business in almost 7 years and he thinks it is awful that FTVLive asked for donations for a gift. 

So, while many of you decided to throw a few bucks our way, a has been and a never was have a problem with it. 

You might think the one guy that lifts stories from FTVLive would have been the first to line up an donate. After all, we do a lot of his work. 

But instead, he criticizes. There are websites that ask for donations all year long to try and stay in business. One of those sites is run by a friend of Mike James, yet he has never called them out for begging for money. 

Oh the irony. 

The bottom line is many people love reading FTVLive. We have more traffic to our website just in the first week of December then Mike James will get to his site the whole year. 

No one forced anyone to donate any money to this site. Yet, many of you did and for that we THANK YOU. 

You guys are the people we care about and the reason that we get up each morning at 3:30AM and put in long days.

The haters are going to hate and be jealous and obsess. As for us, we'll be here, delivering you the news about news and you don't have to pay a dime for it, if you don't want to. 

Happy Holidays!