Fuzzy Math

People working at Media General stations are just waiting (dreading) for the day when Nexstar takes over their station. 

As FTVLive has told you, when Nexstar takes over the MG stations, many employees will be losing benefits, like vacation time and sick days. 

So as 2017 starts up, many that will be losing a week of vacation under Nexstar, might want to try and schedule a week off early next year, before Nexstar takes control. 

One small market Media General station sent this memo out to the staff as to what Nexstar says will happen with their vacation time. 

Not sure how you can 15.42 vacation days, but this is how the memo read: 

We asked Nexstar for assistance in answering a common question about scheduling vacation in 2017 and how the merger may impact those schedules.  Please see the answer below.
Vacation time will be prorated between the Media General and Nexstar programs based on the conversion date.  For example (with dates chosen for ease of calculation) if somebody is entitled to 20 vacation days with Media General and 15 days with Nexstar, and the transaction closes in January, and we select a February 1 conversion/effective date, that person would be entitled to 1.67 Media General vacation days and 13.75 Nexstar vacation days, for a total of 15.42 vacation days total to earn and use in 2017.  That’s 1/12 of their Media General entitlement and 11/12 of their Nexstar entitlement.
With regard to sick time, we will subtract the number of sick days used under the Media General plan prior to the conversion/effective date from Nexstar’s allotment of 10 sick days.  So anybody who uses all 5 Media General days prior to the conversion/effective date would not have any sick time available until they are converted to the Nexstar plan, at which time they would have 5 additional sick days. 
As for holidays, the Nexstar rules will apply from the conversion date forward. 
These are the general rules and examples.  Collective bargaining agreements and personal service contracts may call for different outcomes.