Bully Pulpit

A viewer wrote a comment to KHQA (Quincy, IL) saying that when Anchor Chad Douglas is on the air, it's a good reason to switch the channel. 

Not the meanest comment we have ever heard, but it certainly wasn't very nice either. 

But, Douglas co-Anchor Jennifer Dreasler took issue with the viewer's comment and she decided to stop the morning newscast to address the comment. 

She took to Facebook and the closed group storytellers to say that she "NEVER says anything when it comes to viewer comments."

"NEVER says anything" Well, you know...except this time. 

A bit of advice for both Jenny and Chad. 

First, grow a little thicker skin, but if this is the worst comment you ever got, then consider yourself lucky. 

Second, don't shut down a newscast, just to bite back at a viewer that was mean to you.

Third, Let Chad fight his own battles, he kind of came off looking like a wimp. 

Just saying....