The 10 Most Read Story on FTVLive in 2016

FTVLive ended the year with a bang. December was our best month ever in a year that was our best ever. FTVLive ended the year with over 8 million more visits than last year. 

FTVLive broke more stories than all the other TV blogs combined and continue to set the bar high when it comes to breaking news about TV news. 

Here is a quick countdown to the 10 stories that you guys clicked on the most in 2016. 

10. Not one, but two sacked in Cleveland

9. She still can't figure out what she did was wrong as a Journalist

8. It was the start of many losing their jobs at Tegna

7. That's a "Fine" mess you have gotten us into

6. He Should be an inspiration to us all

5. Pulling back the curtain on the secret society

4. Well ain't that the shit

3. Not exactly CNN's best moment of the year

2. Silencing the Bell

And the most clicked and and read story on FTVLive in 2016 is....

1. Well it's not like you didn't have a lot of chances to read it