Just Another Fan

Sometimes it's nice when the viewers reach out to you and tell you what a good job you're doing. 

Sometimes it's not so nice. 

WSYX Reporter Tom Sussi got a text from the subject of one of the stories that he did. Sussi exposed contractor Michael Compton (pictured) for cheating some of his customers out of their money. 

He sent this text message to Sussi yesterday:

Take my info down cracker
Mese up the work do to the sad sad truth Thomas sussi I would hate to have to put my boot up your loose faggot Ass.
Dude I Tok a bigger shit than you when I woke up your dsmnlucky I didn't knock your ass out you old ass dude
I see you in a dark alley one day bud we smash ya not hard to find so we have a lil talk.

Police have issued a warrant For Compton's Arrest. 

I guess threatening to knock the ass out of an old ass dude is against the law. 

Who knew?