Here We Go Again....

Correct me if you have heard this story before.....

Philly Weatherman John Bolaris is fired and then goes on a Twitter rant. 

No this is not a repeat, it has happened again. 

On Tuesday, Bolaris went on a Twitter rant saying he had been fired from his column-writing duties at the Metro and to lambaste an editor who he claimed dumped him.

Gary Kane is the Editor of the Metro and the one that gave Bolaris the heave ho. 

But if you know anything about John Bolaris, he didn't stop there.

He tweeted on: 

In a phone interview with, Bolaris said Tuesday night that he had written a column that was supposed to run Dec. 19, but learned from a passerby on the street that it hadn't been published.

"Are you on vacation?" the stranger asked, according to Bolaris. "I said no."

Bolaris said he called his new editor, Gary Kane, who is listed on the Metro's New York website as senior editor, that evening, and that Kane allegedly ridiculed him for his writing ability.

Bolaris provided a copy of an email he alleges that Kane sent him the following day that offers an apology for the way Kane treated Bolaris on the phone.

The longtime meteorologist, who is now a real estate agent, said the Metro column was the only weather-related thing he still did. 

This isn't the first time that Bolaris went off on Twitter.