Staff Ordered to Study up on Dallas Cowboys

The song goes mama don t let your babies grow up cowboys....

But if you work at Tegna's Dallas station, you better learn as much as you can about the Dallas Cowboys. 

WFAA News Director Carolyn Mungo sent a memo to the staff, telling them it's time to bone up on the Boys. 

“Hi everyone. I realize that some of you may not be into football. And that’s okay.” the message began. “But that time is officially over. At least in the month of January.”

Ed Bark writes that Mungo said that all news personnel will “be expected to know your stuff” when it comes to the current-day and past editions of the Cowboys. “Consider this like preparing for an election,” she wrote. “Be prepared. Know the team. Research the history. Study the star players. Know the playoff and super bowl dates. Be engaged, involved, and informed when talking. Follow the Cowboys on social media. Facebook, Twitter, etc. Pick up on what fans are saying that way. 

“The great thing is -- this stuff is all online. Read articles. Write a one sheet. Remember fun things you learn along the way. This is now on y’all do (sic) get up to speed. Cowboys are in the playoffs. Study what that means. It’s the one thing that unites this town. The research and study begins now. We need to make sure our audience knows -- we know what we’re talking about. They will absolutely know if we don’t.”

Tegna has thrown covering news objectively out the window and this is more proof of that.

No word when Mungo will be issuing the staff Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader outfits,,,but it should be soon.