The Best and Worst People in TV News 2016

Everyone it seems puts out a list for the top stories of the year, or the best/biggest stories of the year.

But, there is only ONE list that matters.

It's FTVLive's Best and Worst people in TV News for the year.

Many wonder, who will be on the list? Will I be on the list? Will anyone I know be on the list? 

Some of the really bad people in TV news worry, thinking they might make the list. They know that they are bad at their job and they don't treat their co-workers/employees very well, but pray they don't make it on FTVLive. 

As for the good, everyone knows that making the FTVLive list is a huge accomplishment. 

If you want to see who was voted the Best person in TV News from last year, check out this link from WGN in Chicago. 

So should we start the countdown?

What are you kidding?

It's a Holiday and we need this list to get the full attention that it truly deserves. 

So, FTVLive's Best and Worst People in TV News will be published one week from tomorrow on January 3rd. 

So, there is still time to send us your nominations for the Best and Worst. 

And the best thing is, your boss is taking the day off, so he/she won't even see if you are nominating them.