From Weatherman to the Deuce

A Syracuse Weatherman is headed behind the camera to be the station Assistant News Director. 

WSYR Weather Anchor Dave Longley, has battled multiple sclerosis for more than 10 years, is headed behind-the-scenes to be the station's No. 2. 

Longley the station's Chief Meterologist  has worked at the station for 24 years and gave his final forecast last night. 

"I knew this day would come, so there is no sadness," Longley told viewers. "Beginning on January 1, I won't be in front of the camera. It's not goodbye. Instead, I'm turning the page to a new chapter in my life."

Jim Teske, who has worked at WSYR for more than 20 years, will take over as Chief Meterologist.

Longley was diagnosed with MS in 2005 after he noticed a tremor in his right hand. He went public with it five years ago when the disease started affecting his voice.

"As the speech became more impacted people would call in or write asking, 'Is the weatherman drunk?' " Longley said that's why he decided he had to share his secret. He first revealed the disease and his treatment in a report on the station. 

"It's pretty obvious that I struggle with my voice, and ... I knew I couldn't be in front of the camera forever," Longley said in an email.

Longley went to great lengths to fight the incurable disease so he could continue in his high-profile broadcasting job, which depends so much on his voice.
He received speech therapy and injections of Botox, a drug often used to remove wrinkles, in his vocal cords to temporarily eliminate the tremor in his voice.

"Weather is in my blood so we're not going to extinguish that fire," Longley said in his final newscast. "Once I start getting comfortable in my new spot in the newsroom, I plan on contributing content on our digital platforms."