Who's Making the $$$$?

Speaking of Tegna....

Their stations are featuring a story done by WKYC that compares store prices to Amazon.com

The story points out that Amazon is not always cheaper than a trip to the store. 

But, what is interesting is the story includes links to Amazon products and the link uses an affiliate code. That means, if a viewer clicks on the link and buys a product, the person that posted the link gets paid a percentage. 

So, is Tegna putting affiliate links in their stories and making money when people click on and buy? 

According to the disclaimer at the bottom of the story, they say no. 

No companies pay us to feature their products and this TV station does not benefit from any purchase. Some of the links used in today's article have Bitly performance tracking codes and include affiliate links that benefit third parties. 

But who is the "third parties"?

Someone is making money and Tegna isn't saying who other than "third parties".

I'm guessing it's Dave Lougee....but that's just a guess. 

Sorry...but something just doesn't smell right here.