Megyn Kelly Can Just Go

A Fox News employee tells FTVLive that they are sick of the Megyn Kelly drama and that she "can just go." 

Kelly's contract with Fox News is coming up and she has played it to the hilt. 

"She's letting Fox twist in the wind, just to feed her massive ago," the insider said. 

This week, Kelly talked to the Washington Post and she again made it sound like she was looking to leave Fox News. 

" I want to see my kids for dinner, I want to put them down at night, I want to see their soccer games after school. I want to get to know the parents who take their kids to some of these events, and not all the time. We all feel that to some extent, but my problem in my current role is I see them in the morning and . . . I take them to school but unless there’s a school event that I can attend, I might not see them at all for the rest of the day until they’re sleeping in their beds at night," Kelly told the Post. 

Kelly confirms that Fox News has made her an attractive offer, but she still wants to weigh her options. 

But people inside Fox News have grown tired with Kelly's act. 

"Shit or get off the pot", says the FNC staffer. 

Right now, it appears that Kelly is enjoying the attention too much to make a decision.