Lawyer: Meredith Discriminated Against Reporter Because he Was Gay

Back on Dec. 5th, FTVLive told you that Meredith owned WNEM (Saginaw) is suing a former Reporter Nick Lulli for breach of contract after he left his job about three years early.

Lulli has now hired an attorney and he thinks Meredith his discriminating against his client because he is gay. 

In July, Meredith filed its suit against Lulli in Saginaw County District Court for breach of contract and unjust enrichment and seeking damages in the amount of $8,674.74 from Lulli.

Lulli initially said he was not financially able to hire an attorney and filed a response himself on Nov. 29, making counterclaims of assault and discrimination.

MLive reports that after news of the lawsuit broke in a Dec. 5 MLive article, Lulli hired Victor J. Mastromarco Jr.

"I hired him to help me with the case and defend my interests," Lulli said. "I never even expected this lawsuit in the first place, nor intended it to go this far. The ball is in their court now to make this right."

"I feel that they actually discriminated against him based on their view of what a certain gender stereotype should be," he said. "We intend to amend the counter complaint and amend his answer."

Mastromarco declined to comment on whether a monetary sum was being sought.

"They sued him and he countersued them," he said. "The objective is to resolve the matter. I'm not hoping for anything. I want justice for him."

Mastromarco said he has not yet filed his response as he's having discussions with Meredith Corporation's attorneys in hopes of resolving the matter.

Lulli said he hopes to receive recompense enough from Meredith Corporation to cover Mastromarco's fees.

Phone messages were left with Meredith's attorneys seeking comment.