Huh.....Roger Ailes Wants an Apology

The NY Daily News rand a headline talking about former Fox News boss Roger Ailes and Viacom's Summer Redstone. 

The headline was: “Gropey old men”

The story was about new allegations in separate lawsuits filed against both men last week. The new Ailes suit, filed last Tuesday by WNYW Fox 5 Reporter Lidia Curanaj, alleged that the news boss sexually harassed her when she applied for a job at Fox News Channel.

Ailes called up the Daily News and wanted them to apologize: 

“I was hoping you would be a gentleman and apologize,” Ailes said, citing the headline and story. 

The Daily News says that at first they did not believe it was Ailes — until his attorney at the blue-chip law firm Greenberg, Traurig confirmed it was him.

“Roger Ailes called the paper because he wanted to make clear that he vehemently denies the ludicrous allegations that were lodged against him by Ms. Curanaj,” Ailes attorney Mark Mukasey said in a statement. “Her complaint is a laughable stunt. And Roger should not be compared to anybody else. He’s an icon, a legend, a visionary — and he’ll be back.”

MediaBlast asked Ailes why — out of the mountain of stories about his alleged behavior — was he responding specifically to The News. He said because he had read Sunday’s column, it was now in front of him and he was “finally annoyed” — especially by the headline.

By the way, did Roger ever apologize to Gretchen Carlson or any other women at Fox News?

Just asking....