Raycom Takes the Budget Ax to Memphis

FTVLive was the FIRST to tell you that Raycom has imposed a hiring freeze and dropped a number of staffers at WOIO in Cleveland, including a longtime Anchor. 

Now, word is that Raycom has sharpened up the ax and has traveled to their Memphis station WMC. 

At last week's quarterly meeting, the GM of WMC revealed the station is ending its longstanding contract with the helicopter company that provides Chopper 5.

The station will be without a helicopter come January 1, but is already working with Raycom to test (cheaper) drones for aerial coverage. The GM apparently told staffers that there wouldn't be a press release or big announcement about Chopper 5's demise, but I'm sure word will get out. The GM says the savings will be used to boost the station's staffing instead.

But if Raycom has a hiring freeze, we're not sure how that's possible?

No other station in the market has a helicopter, but Cox has been spending money furiously at its new WHBQ property, so that could change. 

Looks like Cox has a chance to swoop in and take away WMC's thunder. 

Stay tuned....