Staff Laid Off While ND Orders Custom Shirts

You gotta love the critical thinking of some of the industry's news directors.



As FTVLive FIRST reported, Raycom's WOIO in Cleveland laid off several staff members, including popular primary anchor, Denise Dufala. Other staff include one-time 'Girls Gone Wild' anchor Catherine Bosley, WOIO's social media manager and the head of security. There are rumors even more cuts are coming.

During the impromptu meeting, GM Erik Schrader told the staff these are "tough times and revenue is lower than expected".

Apparently, WOIO'S news director, Fred D'Ambrosi isn't experiencing any of these "tough times".  On his Twitter feed, he's worried about a check he misplaced from Open Table. If you're not familiar with Open Table, each reservation you make earns 100 points. When you reach 2,000 points, that equals $20, 5,000 points equals $50 and 10,000 points equals $100. You see how much you have to eat out before requesting a check makes sense?

Next, the dapper ND is wondering if Original Stitch is having website trouble because he can't log-in to see his custom made shirts. The minimum cost with no additional customization, is $75 per shirt.

It is unlikely that D'Ambrosi will be giving the laid off staffers the shirt off his back and even if he did, it would have his initials on them.

Real world problems.