Comcast Looking Into Their Employees Actions

Yesterday, FTVLive showed you a video of a couple of Comcast workers that were blocking a snowy road and was causing people to crash.

The video rolled as cars continued to slide off the road or crash into each other. The Comcast crew had little concern about the crashes and took no blame for it happening. 

Well, not long after FTVLive posted the video, Comcast came out and said that it is investigating its workers’ role in the incident. 

“When I watched this video I was very concerned by what I saw,” said Ed Marchetti, senior VP of technical operations for Comcast Cable, in a statement. “Our employees should always protect people and treat them with respect no matter what the situation. Safety matters most—especially in dangerous weather conditions like this.”

“We are actively investigating what happened when our technicians were on site to restore services during an outage and we will reach out to those who were impacted by this incident," Marchetti added. “Within the next 24-48 hours, my team leaders will meet with our technicians across our company to use this as an example of how important it is to make everyone’s safety a priority in everything we do."

Let's hope at least a couple of people are fired as well.