Bill O'Reilly Ponders Leaving Fox News

It appears that Bill O'Reilly is not happy that his rival Megyn Kelly is getting all the attention. 

So, O'Reilly is now going to make the same claims as Kelly, that he also might be leaving Fox News when his contract comes up. 

He won't...but he is obviously thinking he can steal some of Kelly's thunder by talking about it. 

It's like the clash of the giant egos.

O'Reilly's contract isn't up for months and the odds of him leaving Fox News are slim and none, but he wanted to get some ink, so he talked to Deadline. 

"If I feel that it’s too much and I don’t want to do this kind of work, I don’t want to work this hard, then I’ll walk away," O'Reilly told

You know, because it's tough work to come into the Fox News studios, tape a show that will air later in the day and then just leave. 

I mean really, how can anyone expect to keep up that grueling schedule?

When 2017 draws to a close, Bill O'Reilly and Megyn Kelly will both be in their seats at Fox News. 

Of course the entrances to Fox News will have to be made much bigger, you know to fit the egos in through the door.