After Incident, Executive Producer is Pushed Out in KC

Sources tell FTVLive that KSHB (Kansas City) has sacked their nightside Executive Producer.

Word is that EP Sam Eaton got into some type of altercation with veteran Sports Anchor Frank Boal in the newsroom.

The incident at the Scripps station happened in the newsroom last week in front of a number of co-workers. 

Yesterday News Director, Carrie Hofmann, sent out this email:

"Sam Eaton is no longer an employee at KSHB effective as of today. We'll begin a search for a new nightside EP shortly."

The Scripps station has had trouble hanging onto news managers. Their latest Assistant News Director Bridget Blevins didn't last more three months. They replaced her with the dayside EP, Melissa Greenstein.

So now they're looking for a nightside and dayside EP.

Get your resumes out.