St. Louis Sports Anchor: I'm Sorry

Yesterday, FTVLive told you that KTVI (St. Louis) put up a font calling Los Angeles Rams executive  Kevin Demoff a professional liar.

During the newscast the station ran a sound bite from Demoff's press conference on the firing of coach Jeff Fisher. In the graphic at the bottom of the picture, Demoff was identified as: "Rams Chief Operating Officer/Professional Liar."

Now, the station's Sports Anchor says he's sorry. During the late newscast, Anchor Charlie Marlow said he was sorry for the graphic. 

“Earlier today at 5 o'clock I ran a graphic with a disrespectful comment towards Rams vice president Kevin Demoff. It was unprofessional and I would like to apologize. Even though we are all angry with the Rams leaving that is no excuse and again I am sorry for doing that,” Marlow said during the late news. 

H/T St. Louis Post Dispatch