Former Atlanta Anchor says She Had to Quit Station

In a very rambling video posted on Facebook. former WGCL Anchor Gloria Neal said that she wasn't fired from the Meredith station, but that she HAD to quit. 

"There were circumstances there that left me no other alternative, than to resign." Neal says in the video. 

Neal rambled on, but never really gave any details or facts as to what the circumstances were.

"I am extremely pleased with who Glo is, because she knows whose and who she is and what she stands for and what she will and will not put up with" Neal said speaking in the third person on the video. 

If you read between the lines, it sure appears that some type of lawsuit might be forth coming against the station. 

Last week, WGCL made the announcement that former WAGA Anchor Amanda Davis will be new morning anchor, starting January 2, 2017.

Here's Neal's rambling video: