Some Holiday Cheer

Yesterday, FTVLive posted a link for any readers of FTVLive that wanted to help pay for a gift for your humble editor of this site. 

In the past, many have sent along gifts. A network executive sent FTVLive a $500 bottle of liquor, despite the fact that we don't drink. Someone also sent us a $50 gift card to Red Lobster, despite the fact I don't eat seafood. 

While the thought was very nice, and still very much appreciated, the gifts were not really something we would use. 

So this year we set up a donation page to help buy us a way too expensive golf bag and a new bed for Rory. Two gifts that will surely be used and very much appreciated. 

By no means did we or are we telling people they have to donate a dime. We're just saying, if you do, you know it will go to something we would really enjoy. 

As for those that already gave some money, a huge THANK YOU! 

If you want to donate to your favorite TV website that you read for each and everyday, you can do so by clicking this link.