Jeff Zucker: We Understand Trump Better than Any Other Network

CNN is not done making money off Donald Trump. The network has a book coming out about the election, called Unpredecented.

In the book, CNN President Jeff Zucker says, “When Trump jumped in, CNN recognized, I believe sooner than most others, that there was something to his candidacy. I feel incredibly proud of our overall coverage with regard to Trump. “People have been critical of the amount of attention we gave Trump in those early, initial months, but I think that’s a testament to the fact that we understood—more than most other newsrooms in New York and Washington—that Trump had much broader appeal.”

Zucker does once again admit that the CNN over covered the Trump rallies in the beginning. 

Zucker says, " “I am amazed at what CNN did throughout the course of what arguably is the nation’s most historic election, ever.”

Many others are amazed as well, but I think it might be different from Zucker's amazement.

The book comes out next week and it will cost $40.

$40 bucks?! 

Yep CNN is riding this Trump train all the way to the bank. 

Even if they did have to give away their soul before getting on the train.