Another Record Month

While TV station like to brag about how they did in the November book, FTVLive would like to do a bit of that as well. 

In November FTVLive set another record for visits to the site. It will also be a record year by a large margin. 

With one month left in the year, FTVLive is already 6 million visits ahead of last year. 

A HUGE thank you to the companies that took a chance on FTVLive and helped sponsor the site. FTVLive only accepts sponsorship from companies we believe in and we have turned money away to keep that the case. 

Also, a huge THANK YOU to all of you that stop by and read the site a few times a day. It makes the 18 hour days and the 3:30AM wake up calls well worth it. 

FTVLive has published every weekday in 2016, including holidays and we hope, if our body holds up (and the Intern continues to pitch in) that will continue next year as well. 

Thanks again for another record month and a great year already. 

You guys are the know...except for the ones on out worst list.