Trump Wins! Media Loses Big....


Oh wait....guess we can drop that word now. 

We said it before the election and we say it even louder now, the biggest loser in this election is the media. 

Donald Trump won the election.

The media which spent millions on polls and research, never saw it coming. Trump never led, even in Fox News polls. 

This wasn't your Weather Anchor predicting a a foot of snow and only getting an inch. This was the race for the President of the United States. 

This was the biggest media miss in the history of our country. 

Trump bashed the media in the general election time and time again. He called them liars, the worst, disgusting and now you can add one more word, "WRONG."

How could the media been oh so wrong? 

The Latinos that came out in force to vote against Trump, were out numbered by the uneducated that came out in even bigger force to vote for him. 

Polls showed that Clinton got less than 1/3rd of the uneducated vote. 

It was being billed as the year the Latino's took control, but in the end it was the year of the dumb white guy. 

The swing and the miss by the media could be the nail in the coffin with the American people. More people lost faith in the the media during this election then ever before. 

Now, we will have a President that will not be afraid to lock out the media at a moments notice. Trust in the media is all but gone. 

There is a likely chance that America is going to change under the Trump Presidency and the biggest change maybe the way the media does their job and how they are allowed to do it. 

Stay tuned....