Who Knows?

Last evening as FTVLive was going through our emails, we received one from a viewer in NY that was watching WCBS Anchor Kristine Johnson.

The viewer really liked the way Kristine's hair looked tonight and so she emailed Kristine, but sent it to FTVLive which is located 930 miles away. We forwarded the email to Johnson:

How does it happen? We have no clue but it happens a lot. I have gotten emails sent to HLN's Robin Meade and have passed them along as well. 

Sometimes I get emails that I have no clue which Anchor or station it was meant for? FTVLive is here for people that work in TV news, but a lot of TV viewers read it as well. 

One email we are sure we will never get is one commenting on our hair and how there is fullness and body to it.

Just saying...