The Mannequin Challenge

First it was the ice bucket know the one when you logged onto Facebook, someone was dumping a bucket of water over their head. 

Well, now we have the Mannequin Challenge which is where people freeze in place and just stand there. How exciting!

Anyway, when we saw the Mannequin Challenge started to be done by sports teams and others, we wondered how long before a newsroom would do it?

The answer not very long..... WCAV in Charlottesville, Virginia posted a video of the newsroom froze in doing the Mannequin Challenge.

Then again, it is Charlottesville, Virginia, it's not like they have a ton of news to cover. 

They were the first they we know of, but sadly, we don't they will be the last newsroom to do this: 

Oh my God! As I was bumping my way around Facebook, I see that WOFL in Orlando also did the Mannequin Challenge. 

Doesn't anyone have an election to cover?