Asking the Tough Questions....Pffffttttt!

Donald Trump made his 432,000 appearance on Fox and Friends this morning since announcing that he was running for President.  And boy did he get asked some tough questions. 

I'm kidding....watching these hosts fawn all over Donald Trump shows everything that is wrong with cable news.

Watch as Steve Doocy ask Trump about the polls that show him down. Doocy says the polls are a crock because they don't show the Democrats that will be casting their vote for Trump. 

Well Steve, the polls also don't show the Republicans (like both George Bush's, both Mrs. Bush's, Colin Powell, John McCain and many others) that are casting their vote for Hillary Clinton. 

Oh wait, that information does not go along with the Fox News narrative.

Never mind. 

Also, love the part where the female blonde Anchor (sorry, don't know her name) talks about why everyone loves Donald Trump. 

OK...I just threw up in my mouth.....

Here's a portion of that "hard hitting" interview