The FTVLive Election Prediction

Look you don't want to have to go through this entire day, wondering who's going to win the election, so we're going to tell ya what the final vote will be. 

But, first let's look at some other predictions before we get to that. 

I predict that your station will order a whole bunch of pizzas for the newsroom. I also predict that the engineers will eat all the good pizza and by the time you get to eat some, the only thing left will be some pizza with pineapple and some other crap on it. 

I also predict that you will find out that one of your well paid Anchor's cant ad lib a lick. They're fine when everything is in the prompter, but on the fly, they become Ted Baxter (google who he is millennials). 

I predict that no matter what, you are going to have some kind of technical breakdown today or tonight. 

I predict, that if you are sent out to cover a county commission race that means next to nothing, your contract is not getting renewed. 

I predict at some point your News Director is going to lose it.

I predict that no matter how shitty your coverage is, you will still get an email tomorrow saying what a great job you guys all did. 

I predict that your Anchor will apologize at least twice on air for having the wrong graphic up. 

Now, for the election prediction. 

I'm going to say Clinton 296 electoral votes and Trump with 240. 

I then predict that both Sean Hannity and Donald Trump will lose their shit. 

Have a good election night gang. I'll be going to bed early, waking up on Wednesday morning and hoping that we have a new President elect. 

As you working on election night? I did that shit for over 20's your turn now.

Good luck!