What the Hell?! You Really Did This?! (Updated)

OK, this is beyond strange and almost unbelievable. 

WFMY News Anchor Morgan Hightower was reading a story about poll numbers and Hillary Clinton. As she read the story, she picked up and held a pair of handcuffs. 

As she mentioned Clinton's name the Director took a tight shot of the handcuffs. 

Hightower has not made any mention of the handcuffs, but It's hard, however, not to associate Hightower’s use of handcuffs as a knock against Hillary Clinton. Many felt that Hightower was implying that Clinton needs to go to prison. 

What makes this worse, the Director took a tight shot of the cuffs, so obviously the Director and camera crew was in on this act as well. 

The idea that a local news Anchor would do something like this, shows just how bad the media has acted this election. 

Hightower and the crew should all be fired and she should never work another day in TV news as long as she lives. 

Twitter, also saw her act as despicable and she embarrassed not only her station, but all of Journalism in general. 

Update: Hightower  has made a post to social media trying to explain her use of the handcuffs. She said that the handcuffs were a prop to show that the "candidates can't seem to break away" from each other. 

She admits that the prop did not work as intended, maybe because she said nothing about the candidates not being able to break away. 

Maybe next time, save the props for the movies and just deliver the news.