The FTVLive Endorsement for President of the United States

FTVLive has never in our life issued a political endorsement. To be honest we have mainly ignored elections in the past 16 years of doing this website. 

But, this election has been different (I would say worse) than any election ever. So we thought we should issued and endorsement. 

But then we thought about it. Who I endorse is not going to change who you vote for. In fact no endorsement will. Whether it's the NY Times, the NY Post or the Dallas Morning News. You are going to vote for who you are going to vote for. 

So, for us to endorse one candidate over the other is really just a big waste of time. 

Anyone that tries to pigeon hole FTVLive on political leanings is in for a futile effort. In my adult life, since I could vote I have voted all over the place. I voted Republican, Democrat and even Independent. I have been registered as an Independent my entire adult life. 

Both my parents were big time Republicans and most of the time (not always) they cast their vote for the GOP. 

I always tried to pick the best person to vote for. Therefore, I was voting different parties all the time and never really stayed on one side. My political views are all over the place as well. I am very conservative with some views and very liberal with others. I don't think that one side has all the answers and that the other side is always wrong. 

But, it seems that most people and surely in this election that everyone else thinks there side is right and the other side is pure evil. 

It's like we have two different countries now. It is more divided than I have ever seen it and the pure hate is more on display. 

Because I no longer work in TV news and I am in a position where I can be much more open how I think, I have expressed my opinion on FTVLive from time to time. 

I have been critical of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both, but certainly I have been more critical of Trump. 

I watched as Trump was still early in the primary and he was attacking Fox News and skipping their debate and blasting Megyn Kelly. Many on the right blasted Trump for acting that way. But, once Trump became the nominee and Fox News started back supporting Trump, these people all changed their tune. 

That my friends is two faced and the funny thing is, none of these people that did this can see that. But, check their Twitter feed history and it is all to obvious. 

There is no doubt that the two candidates that we have to choose from is piss poor. Out of this great country, with millions of people, this is our choice? That is sad, but it is reality and you need to pick one or the other?

It Trump did not change anything he said and was a Democrat, how many Republicans, based on everything he said, do you think would vote for him? 

The same could be said for Clinton, but she has not spewed nearly the hate that Trump has. 

So, many of you will head to the polls on Tuesday to vote. It basically is choosing the lesser of two evils. 

But, when you enter that voting booth, don't go in their as a Republican or a Democrat, go in there as a human being and pick the person that you really think is the most qualified for the office of President. 

Forget the emails, the pussy grabbing, the bigotry, Benghazi, the racial slurs and derogatory remarks against women and just choose the person that you really think is best for the job. 

Don't let Fox News, CNN and MSNBC with their extreme bias influence you. They just push agendas to get ratings and really could care less. The cable nets are hoping for a super close election, so you will have to tune in to see who wins. They want a show. They want ratings and they want to make money.

After the election they will all be sending out press releases bragging about their ratings. To them, that's all that counts. Do you think Jeff Zucker gives a shit about you? He just wants your eyeballs on his channel and he doesn't care about ethics or anything to do with Journalism. 

Same can be said for Fox News and MSNBC. Fox News let's Sean Hannity just lie and spew hate and they could care less. As long as Hannity wins the time slot, that's all they care about. If FNC really cared about the viewers and the being fair and balanced, they would forget ratings and pull someone like Hannity from the air. But, there is no way they are going to do that. 

On Wednesday (or whenever they decide) when a new President is named. Try to accept it and support that person no matter which side they are on. Stop hating, stop the bullshit and maybe just stop watching cable news altogether. The only thing you are learning from cable news is how to hate and how awful the other side is. Cable news cares nothing about you and only cares about ratings and making money. I assure you, if you stop watching cable news, you will find you feel better, your blood pressure will decrease and you will see that not one side is always wrong or always right. 

I know we don't have two great choices, but pick the one you really think can do the job. 

We don't need to tell you who to vote for. Our endorsement means nothing. So vote, accept the results and stop watching cable news.

You do those 3 things and you might just realize that America is great already. 

Just saying....