Insomnia Is What Made Buffalo Anchor Quit

Anyone that works the morning shift, or edits FTVLive knows all to well about trying to get enough sleep. 

One Buffalo Anchor says that the lack of sleep is the reason he is leaving his job. 

FTVLive FIRST told you that WGRZ Morning Anchor John Beard was leaving the station. He says he loves the job, but not the lack of sleep. 

“I set the alarm and I’ll wake up hours before the alarm and I’m wide awake,” explained Beard. “There are nights that I don’t get three or four hours sleep. But once I get to the station, I love it. I wish I had done mornings my whole career because I think it fits my personality. But there is a price for that obviously.

“If I could set the alarm and wake up, that would be manageable. It is basically insomnia. There are nights that I hardly sleep at all. That is more of a problem than the schedule. The schedule is hard, but that part makes it much worse.”

Beard Anchored for almost a decade in Buffalo, before heading out to LA, to anchor the news in the No. 2 market. In 2009 he was kicked to the curb and headed back to Buffalo. 

But, now he's ready to call it quits move back to LA and get some sleep. 

“I think we’ve had this conversation about leaving probably four or five times over two or three years,” said Beard.

But now it's time to leave and say goodbye to Buffalo and sleepless nights. 

H/T Buffalo News