Zucker: We Did an Investigation on Email Leaks

FTVLive has been imploring CNN to conduct a full investigation as to how CNN contributor Donna Brazile got her hands on debate questions and shared them with the Clinton campaign?

CNN boss Jeff Zucker says he did do an investigation on both incidents and, “We are very clear about what happened in both cases,” Zucker said.

So? What happened?

Oh, Zucker isn't going to talk about that and it appears that the CNN investigation is now locked in the same file drawer as, "Paul Weiss investigation" of Roger Ailes over at Fox News. 

Yes the cable news companies that are demanding to know more about the Hillary Clinton email investigation, will not release the details of their own investigation. 


Also, CNN said that Donna Brazile resigned from the network a couple of weeks ago, CNN just didn't report that. CNN's own Media Critic, Brian Stelter says that CNN held off on reporting the news, "presumably to avoid generating even more press."

You know, you don't want to make the network look bad, so you just withhold the news. 

I'm sorry, but CNN and Fox News obviously have no clue what they have done to their reputations. 

How can a news organization ask politicians and companies for transparency, when they themselves have none? 

I'll say it again, the biggest loser this election cycle are the people first and the cable news stations second. 

You guys have embarrassed yourselves and the news industry and the worst part? You seem completely fine with this.