Station Standing Behind Busted LA Anchor

The news that an LA Anchor was arrested after being pulled off a plane at LAX was shocking. 

KTLA's Lu Parker was arrested yesterday morning as she was boarding a flight to go see her father, who is ill. 

As Parker was making her way through the TSA checkpoint, she picked up a set of headphones that did not belong to her. 

The passenger who "lost" the headphones noticed that Parker had taken them and notified TSA. When officers arrived at the screening area, the passenger (an off duty cop) told them what had happened and asked to perform a private person’s arrest, LA Police Officer Robert Pedregon said. Such an arrest is usually made when no on-duty officer witnessed the offense.  

Security video also showed the incident and a potential suspect, Pedregon said.

Parker was then removed from a flight and arrested.

According to KTLA, Parker was going through the security line and noticed that a pair of earbud headphones had been left behind. “She picked them up intending to return them to the owner whom she had been speaking with while in line to clear TSA,” KTLA said in a statement.

But Parker couldn’t find the headphones' owner, so she boarded her flight, according to KTLA.

“We believe this is a misunderstanding, Lu is cooperating fully with the authorities and we are confident she will be able to clear this all up,” KTLA said.

The station is standing behind Parker and her story. Normally a station makes no comment on an employee's arrest and waits to see how the event plays out in the legal system. 

Admittedly, It does seem odd that an Anchor, making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, would swipe a used set of headphones. But, it has happened before. 

And why not just tell the TSA agent, "Someone left their headphones" and not even touch them?

Parker is used to being in the news. For years, she was dating the LA Mayor now former Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.  She is also a former Miss USA, 

And now she's on the police blotter. 

Will will say, her life isn't boring. 

Stay tuned....

H/T LA Times