I hope when this election is over, somebody gives NBC's Katy Tur a vacation, God knows she has earned it. 

Last night, once again, Donald Trump singled the NBC Reporter out at one of his rallies. Trump has slammed Tur many times in the past and refers to her as a "third rate reporter."

Last night Trump pointed to the press area and said he believes is media bias in coverage of President Barack Obama.

“He ought to be working on jobs, on the border, on building up our military instead of campaigning for crooked Hillary Clinton. It’s what he ought to be doing,” Trump told a riled-up crowd that moments earlier had chanted how much it hated CNN. “They’re not reporting it. Katy, you’re not reporting it, Katy. But there’s something happening, Katy. There’s something happening, Katy.”

After Trump's comments, the Twitter hashtag — #ImWithTur started trending.

And there's this: 

Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at 7.20.37 AM.png

Just a few days left Katy....hang in there.