Please Just Stop....

Why the hell are stations doing this crap? 

FTVLive has been telling you that stations in Chicago and other markets are doing hours long Facebook Live segments that do nothing but show a picture and ask viewers to vote on their favorite. 

It's not news, yet these stations are doing it to prop up their social media numbers. WTXF Fox 29 in Philly has also now jumped on the bandwagon: 

I have never understood why TV stations spend so much time and money trying to get viewers "Like", "Share" or "Follow" them on a website that they don't own? 

Why not spend the time and money on making YOUR website better and getting viewers to go there. Why are you sending them to Facebook? 

If this is being driven by the TV consultants, then maybe you need to find a new consultant. 

Get viewers to YOUR site, get viewers to something YOU own, Mark Zuckerberg will do just fine without you....we promise.