Hey CNN.... George H.W. Bush is Still Alive

Someone at CNN thought that former Cuban Dictator Fidel Castor might outlive President George H.W. Bush. 

When Castro died, CNN uploaded the story which included this: 

"One Castro or another has ruled Cuba over a period that spans seven decades and 11 U.S. presidents. Fidel Castro outlived six of those presidents, [[[NOTE: change to seven if George H.W. Bush dies before Castro]]] including Cold War warriors John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan."

Now, it is common for news organizations to have obits in the can and ready to go, but you think someone might want to read through it before hitting the publish button. 

As for President Bush.....he tweeted a picture of he and the family, who all gathered for Thanksgiving dinner. Contrary to CNN, Mr. Bush appeared to be very much alive.