What The Hell?

Last week, FTVLive told you that Fox O&O WFLD in Chicago would do hours long Facebook Live reports showing a picture of two cans of soda and asking to to pick which one you like best. They would do the same thing with pizza. 

There was absolutely no news value and it was just a stunt by a low rated station to get people to go to their social media. In other words, a desperate move by a desperate station. 

But, then someone pointed out to us that top rated WLS was pulling the same kind of crap. We checked and it's true. 

This is even worse, because you expect more out of Chicago's top station. 

Also, WCMH in Columbus is also doing this crap. When did this actually become a thing and why does any station think this is a good idea?

There has to be a consultant's fingerprints on this somewhere. 

When did these stations just give up and decide to just do this crap, instead of....you know.....like maybe posting some news?