The New Overtime Law

It appears that a judge has blocked the new overtime law that was supposed to go into effect on December 1st. 

The law which was proposed by President Obama’s administration would have made an estimated 4 million more higher-earning workers across the country eligible for overtime pay starting Dec. 1.

It was also a law that scared the crap out of TV station owners. 

There was no doubt that people working in TV news would have benefitted from the overtime law. Many "salary" people in TV work way over 40 hours each week and are not compensated for it. 

Tegna was one of those that was really worried how the new law would impact their bottom line.

Meetings were held and memo's such as the one below where sent out telling Producers and Reporters that they were now "required" to take a lunch or dinner break. 

See, back when Tegna didn't have to pay them, they could care less if their staffers got some food in their body. But, when they thought it would cost them money, no all of the sudden they are worried about their lunch break. 

Of course, now that a judge has blocked the new law from being enacted, we wonder how much Tegna will care if their people get enough time to eat? 

Here is the internal memo sent out to the staff at the Tegna duopoly in Jacksonville and obtained by FTVLive: