Oh Really Now?

Last night a number of Journalists (and Jeff Zucker) gathered that the Waldorf Astoria for a fundraising dinner for the Committee to Protect Journalists.

Normally the CPJ focuses their attention on foreign shores as they strive to protect the rights and many time the lives of Journalist trying to cover the news. 

But, this year, much of the talk was back here at home and Donald Trump. 

CNN's  Christiane Amanpour spoke about threats to the profession posed by Trump and other politicians denying the media's legitimacy. 

CNN's president Jeff Zucker then got up and spoke and said, "we will hold the new administration's feet to the fire, and they should respect that, even if they don't welcome it."

Yes, the same Jeff Zucker that gave Donald Trump carte blanche during the primary to bash the press. The same Jeff Zucker that stood by while Trump decimated Journalisms credibility and did nothing to stop it. 

For Zucker it was all about ratings and money....it had nothing to do with Journalism. 

Now, he says that his network is going to hold Trump's feet to the fire. 

Problem is, most people have lost their faith and trust in the press and now reports will fall on deaf ears. CNN or any other media outlet can report of Trump and his administration all they want, but Trump will just stand there call the press, "liars", "crooked" and "dishonest" and the public will nod their head in agreement. 

We argue, that in Jeff Zucker's reign at CNN, he has done more to hurt Journalism (ie. missing plane, trump coverage) than anyone else in America. 

And yet this is the guy speaking at the Committee to Protect Journalists dinner. 

How ironic.