Study Shows Americans Think Press Failed with Election Coverage

The Pew Research Center says that when it comes to how the press covered the election, 38% give the media a big fat F for their coverage. 
Which makes you wonder if the other 62% even watched the coverage at all?
Pew writes, the press and pollsters also are viewed negatively for their performance during the campaign.  Only 22% give the press an A or B grade; 38% give them a failing grade. For pollsters, just 21% give them an A or B, while three-in-ten (30%) give them an F.
As for the candidates, just 30% of voters give Donald Trump a grade of A or B, 19% give him C, while half grade his conduct at either D (15%) or F (35%). Trump receives a C- grade on average.
Hillary Clinton’s grades are better than Trump’s, which marks the first time a losing candidate has received more positive grades than the winner. Clinton receives an A or B from 43% of voters; 20% award Clinton a C, while nearly four-in-ten give Clinton a D (16%) or F (21%). Clinton’s average grade is a C.
Let's face it, if this was a real test at school, everyone would have failed and would have to repeat the 2nd grade again.