Scripps Cincy Station Finally Hires News Director

Back in October, FTVLive told you that Scripps owned WCPO in Cincinnati has been without a News Director for months. 

At the time, WCPO General Manager Jeff Brogan says the job "is like no other in the country," with WCPO's huge online digital staff cranking out lots of newspaper-like in-depth news, entertainment stories, home tour features and editorial cartoons.

"Our search continues.  This is an extraordinary station with a rich history and a progressive future.  This news director job is like no other in the country with the broadcast and digital resources we have to cover the Tri-State," Brogan says.

Now the station has finally found the News Director that can take on the job that is like no other in the entire country. 

So, who is it? 

Chip Mahaney!!!!!!!

Who? Chip Mahaney, who spent the last 8 years working at Scripps, yet it took months for Brogan  to find him. 

Mahaney worked at Scripps ironically as a national director of news recruitment. So while Brogan could not find a new ND, Mahaney the corporate recruiter also could not. 

So, now he takes this one job like it in the entire country. 

“We scoured the country and spent a lot of time searching for the right person to lead our newsroom,” said Brogan. “The more time Chip spent with us during the interim of our search, we both began to realize that he was the best person. It’s a perfect match – his many years of TV and digital experience combined with the station’s reputation for quality journalism and for innovation. He understands what makes Cincinnati a great place while also recognizing the challenges we face in this community.”

Mahaney was last a News Director at Richmond's WTVR in 2008. 

So, the News Director of the future, hasn't been a News Director for 8 years. 

“I’m honored to lead a newsroom in a market where serious news and professional journalism is appreciated,” said Mahaney. “WCPO has resources that no other local media outlet can claim (take that you other lesser Scripps stations). The company’s investment in innovation here at WCPO is evident everywhere you look. And with this team that fights to win, no other newsroom is as well-positioned for future growth, through quality journalism and service to our community.” 

Sadly, the News Director of the future working in a job like no other in entire country still looks like News Directors in the present. 

Old white guy.....

I was hoping for some kind of robot or something.