Goodbye Dick

After 5 decades on the air, a Cleveland Weatherman is signing off for the last time tonight. 

WJW's Dick Goddard is wrapping it up after 55 years on forecasting the weather. Proving that he is FTVLive's kind of guy, Goddard is changing his focus to 100% on animal advocacy.

Goddard has fought for the four-foots, so much so, that a law was named after him: Goddard's Law. It went into effect in September, and makes it a fifth degree felony to knowingly cause serious physical harm to a companion animal. This includes depriving a pet of food, water or shelter or inflicting long-term pain. Protecting pets is a battle Goddard will continue to fight.

Tonight WJW will throw out the rundown and make it all about Dick. 

After 55 years, how can anyone say he doesn't deserve it?

Keep caring for the animals Dick and good luck in your future.